“The Alexander Technique is a transformative learning process rather than a short term treatment.  Katrin is a warm and supportive teacher who offers clear directions as to how you can release habitual tensions and so feel more free in your body.”  


“I decided to try the Alexander Technique because I was aware that my shoulders sagged, I was mildly stooped and I knew that this was not how my body was supposed to feel. The Alexander Technique has taught me much about how I use my body, the odd little habits I’ve developed that don’t help me, and the possibilities for doing things differently. I am relearning how to walk and stand and sit and lie down, all the things we think that we know how to do but when done poorly can lead to all the problems that I had been experiencing. The Technique has gently transformed my posture by giving me greater awareness of the way I move. 

Katrin brings a quiet and reassuring presence to her teaching. She has an exceptionally clear, direct, simple and effective way of imparting it, and clearly embodies its principles herself. She takes a holistic view of the body and helps me to integrate the Alexander way of working with my own activities. Katrin is very patient and gently, but firmly encourages the correct movements. She is teaching me how to overcome the bad habits I have formed and has re-educated me into moving in a more natural way which is kinder to my body.” (Deborah)

“I came to the Technique initially to improve my posture, but have learnt that there are many more aspects to it which can provide positive benefits in everyday life. The Technique has given me a greater awareness of myself and my weekly lessons with Katrin are a great opportunity to take the time to simply "be". I always enjoy my lessons and leave feeling taller, freer and knowing that I have learnt something new.” (Abbie)

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started to learn the Alexander Technique with Katrin, but I found it an excellent way of connecting mind to body, of feeling freer physically and more in my ‘own’ space.  On top of that Katrin is an excellent teacher: clear, kind, patient and encouraging.”  


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