Taking control of your own wellbeing

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein

Would you deliberately drive a car with the handbrake on?  Of course not.  Then why do so many of us go through life with muscles needlessly tensed, resulting in ‘wear and tear’ that affects our function - or worse, causes us discomfort or pain? 

Katrin MacLean (MSTAT)

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Portrait photograph by Keith Padden 

You may feel resigned to making the best of a situation that you feel powerless to change, but by learning the Alexander Technique you can help yourself to alleviate the symptoms of disease and prevent their recurrence.  

The Alexander Technique was developed in Australia by Frederick Matthias Alexander at the end of the 19th century and since then has helped thousands of people around the world to discover better co-ordination, balance and posture - and with it improved health, wellbeing and freedom from pain.

By learning the Alexander Technique you can become conscious of harmful, habitual tensions throughout the body and learn to stop or 'inhibit' them. In the process you may begin to experience some of the freedom of movement you had as a child.  The Alexander Technique is not a complementary therapy, instead it is a practical life skill that can be easily learnt.  By incorporating its awareness into your daily activities you will be able to go about your day with greater ease and efficiency and cope better with stressful situations and decision-making.

Those who come for Alexander lessons after chiropractic treatment can be supported to manage the prevention of back and joint pain and the recurrence of debilitating and chronic conditions.

The Sherborne Alexander Studio was founded in 2008 by my teacher and colleague, Gunda Fielden, and since then has served a growing population of pupils from Sherborne and its surrounding area.  Katrin MacLean is based here but is also available for Alexander lessons at the Yeovil Chiropractic Clinic and at her home in Yetminster.

If you would like more information or to book a lesson, please contact Katrin directly:


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I look forward to working together!