In the process of learning I became intrigued by the extent to which our thoughts and movements are linked and by the way that this connection can be consciously employed to allow the body to ‘do the right thing’ and to expand - rather than limit - what we can learn and accomplish. 

I am passionate about teaching the Technique to my pupils and integrating it more fully into my life, at the same time deepening my understanding of Alexander’s remarkable discovery through continuing professional development (CPD).

I am a member of STAT, the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.  I am married with one child and love to walk the Dorset countryside with my camera!

I completed my three year training to become an Alexander Technique teacher in Berlin, where I lived for almost five years.   

Having lived in Dorset prior to moving to Berlin, I had been a regular patient at the Yeovil Chiropractic Clinic.  Frustrated at needing to be ‘fixed’ at regular intervals I took my first Alexander Technique lesson hoping that it might show me how to prevent my persistent back and shoulder problems and the need for remedial treatment. After my very first lesson I understood that I'd stumbled upon a  means that would enable me to deal with pains that were the combined result of injury and (I later learnt) what Alexander called ‘poor use’.  

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